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Seminyak is the chicest and the most popular tourist beach town in Bali.

It has been the most popular tourist destination in Bali for decades already and if you are looking to invest in Seminyak Villas, you can be pretty sure of fabulous returns despite the high competition on the villa rental market in this area.

Posted by Nathan Ryan on 13 July 2020

Look to buy villas located in the centre of town within walking distance to the beach and Oberoi Road and you just can’t go wrong.

There is a high demand for Seminyak properties and land which means, the prices aren’t cheap at all like when you look for land or property more land inwards but you can be pretty sure your investment will pay itself back in the end.

Why Seminyak

Seminyak is one of the main tourist hot spots on the island. Many holidayers return to Seminyak every year to stay in a beautiful villa, eat at world-famous restaurants, shop at designers boutiques and lounge at celebrated beach clubs such as KU DE TA and Potato Head. Seminyak has got the perfect blend of pure Bali magic and modern cosmopolitan luxury living. Great coffee, excellent food, nightlife, beach, surfing, shopping malls, you will find it all in Seminyak. The location of this buzzing beach town in the south of Bali is also very strategic towards the international airport and other favourite destinations among holidayers such as Canggu, Uluwatu and Sanur. Seminyak is packed all year round and it always will be a major tourist hub. One of the biggest in Southeast Asia. In Bali, Seminyak takes up 45% of the demand for villas among holidayers and that’s why you should pick Seminyak to look for real estate and make your investment.!

Look for property near the beach and Oberoi’s Eat Street

Oberoi is the most requested location among holidayers looking to rent a villa in Seminyak but what’s most important for success is that the property is within walking distance from the beach. Most people looking to rent a villa in Bali are Australians, Europeans from the UK, France and The Netherlands, Singaporeans and Hong Kongers. Singaporeans prefer modern villas, Europeans love a more traditional style (not old-fashioned!) and they like the villa to be located a little bit away from the crowds. Australians on the other hand, want to stay in the centre of the action, near to shops, spas, restaurants and beach clubs. Most travelling groups are looking for 3 bedroom villas and the average price of a 3 bedroom villa is USD $350/night. A villa with modern comforts and a stylish minimalist design are preferred.

Must-have features, facilities & services

Definitely, a fabulous private swimming pool is a big must! Furthermore, people expect fast, reliable wifi at all times and they want their villa to have a sprawling tropical garden where they can relax and soak up the tropical island vibe. Having a personal chef at the villa is also something high in demand and baby-friendly facilities including a pool fence are often requested. With the high competition in the Seminyak Villa Rental Market, the marketing of your property is very important. Simply owning a villa and expecting bookings to come in is not going to work. You have to make your villa stand out from the crowd and market it as a family-friendly villa, surf villa, yoga villa or something like that. Good photography and videography of the villa also do wonders.

How much does it cost to buy property in Seminyak?

Prices do vary but to give you an estimation, the price of a 3 bedroom villa in Seminyak starts from around USD $ 500,000. Your villa should be repaid in 10 to 12 years or so when putting it out on the Bali Villa Rental Market.

Budgeting is important!

The costs of investing in Bali real estate doesn’t end with buying the perfect villa in Seminyak. It costs money to furnish the villa, to pay for the staff and maintenance of the villa, outsourcing the marketing of the villa and getting a professional photographer/videographer to take photos and videos of your Bali Seminyak Property. This is super important as the competition is high! So, the bottom line is, budgeting is important to avoid surprises later on. Also include the agent’s commission fee, notary fees and taxes.

How do I buy a Seminyak Villa?

If you are serious about buying a villa in Seminyak, you probably already know a thing or two about foreign ownership of Bali property. You have familiarised yourself with the local laws and restrictions a little bit and already know that foreigners cannot own land or property in Indonesia. If this is news for you, do not stress! There are many ways foreigners can invest in real estate. You can read all about it ​here​.

What NOT to do

Rule #1 = avoid buying a property in Seminyak (or anywhere else in Indonesia) under the so-called ‘nominee agreement’ as you risk losing your entire investment as you yourself do not legally own it. Instead, find yourself a reputable real estate agent to guide you through the jungle of laws, obligations and restrictions regarding buying a property in Bali as a foreigner.

Get the right permits and find a trustable agent

If you want to rent out your villa, you have to achieve the right permits and you have to pay attention to where your villa is located as it is no allowed to rent out properties in residential areas. Your agent will help you with all that and more to make sure your investment is safe and legal. Do your homework and find an agent you can trust and you should be just fine!

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