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Sanur real estate is set to explode as demand across all sectors escalates.

The unprecedented development in Canggu, Ubud, Umalas, and Uluwatu is sure to occur in this quiet coastal town, creating long overdue change.

The place will transform in the next two years with a new shopping mall, hotels, apartment complexes, Mayo Clinic International hospital, schools, and beach clubs. The Snore nickname will likely be forgotten, with Sanur becoming more appealing and dynamic to both residents and tourists alike.

Quality properties here are quickly sold, everyone recognizing the Bali dream that Sanur offers, and the huge appeal to live away from manic tourist hot spots such as Seminyak and Canggu.

Sanur real estate prices are still relatively low post pandemic in comparison to other Bali trendy locales. From an aerial view above Sanur, there is plenty of property available, including beachfront. Long have landowners been waiting for the right time to sell. Property prices will increase, demand is vertical.

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11 reasons why Sanur real estate is so appealing to investors

1. Sanur has matured as a residential and tourist destination: multi-star rated hotels, restaurants, cafes, and local warungs are displayed beachside with an 8km cycle and pedestrian lane. Long-term Sanur residents enjoy a relaxed lifestyle without traffic jams or hectic scenes of popular tourist destinations such as Seminyak or Canggu. It is a leisurely 20-minute traffic-free drive to the airport, plus an easy launch pad to Ubud, the Bukit, Denpasar, or Seminyak.

2. There are 12 operational Special Economic Zones in Indonesia that are created to increase foreign investment. Bali’s SEZ is located in Sanur, redeveloping the 42-hectare land encompassing the old Grand Inna hotel, which includes the new Mayo Clinic international hospital, with planned completion set for the end of 2023, fully operational by 1st quarter of 2024. This will be an Indonesian first – Foreign doctors able to practice and teach. The hospital is already recruiting universal medical staff and overseas-trained Indonesians. President Jokowi recognized that wealthy Indonesians and tourists choose to travel to Singapore and Bangkok for all their medical needs, not trusting the available facilities in Bali or other regions of Indonesia.

3. Sanur is becoming an ideal retirement community, but there is a pressing need for more accommodation. Too few Sanur villas and apartments are readily available as short or long-term rentals; even Sanur properties for sale are snapped up in a flash. As part of the Mayo Clinic hospital, the SEZ will have more wellness facilities, and we expect to see oncology recovery centers flourish, for which insurance pays out handsomely. Being nursed back to health by the wonderfully caring Balinese is heaven compared to institutional care.

4. Cruise liners dock in Benoa, whose port is being deepened to allow gigantic vessels. The nearest sightseeing and shopping opportunity to seafaring travelers is Sanur.

5. The Icon Bali, located next door to the hospital, will redefine shopping for Sanur, which has always been fundamentally lacking, showcasing boutiques, restaurants, and bars, with modern cinemas plus an open-air cultural amphitheater.

6. Sanur has its own cool beach club in The Byrd House on Segara Beach, with Shotgun Social beer garden behind, presenting residents and tourists alike with their social fix. People here aren’t too keen on having that many party places upsetting the vibe, but there is something for everybody. Plenty of quality restaurants and cafes cater to every taste, with more, it seems, opening daily.

7. Grand Lucky, one of Bali’s preeminent supermarkets, already serves Sanur residents. The shopping here can easily compete with a Singaporean or Australian equivalent.

8. The Sanur harbor for ferries and fast boats has been completed on Matahari Beach, facilitating travel to Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida. However, the planned Diamond Yacht Marina is still on the drawing board.

9. Bali has been welcoming many Russians and Ukrainians fleeing the war, plenty as small families looking for Sanur long-term rentals, Europeans and Americans tired of climate change, and equally as many people from Asian cities who were cooped up in small apartments during the pandemic, now realizing that Bali offers a cheaper, more meaningful residential opportunity to live and raise children. Those working offshore can arrange most meetings via zoom, but quick flights can be organized as required.

10. The tiny house craze is in full swing, almost recession-proof. These appeal to small families and single or couple travelers, equally interesting as residential or rental.

11. Foreigners can purchase freehold villas, it’s just not straightforward, requiring a specialist like Bali Realty to guide a buyer through the process, and freehold apartments can now be owned outright too.

New Sanur property developments underway

Apartment construction across the island is dramatically increasing, which makes sense, considering an owner’s ability to lock and leave the property. A Bali villa needs more attention, so we at Bali Realty are often asked to manage these homes. We keep every property immaculate, train the staff, market it, and generate a steady income.

The first large apartment complex being developed in Sanur is the 165-unit Magnum Estate, presenting suites, plus 1 or 2-bedroom apartments, with top-notch services and facilities fronting another beach club. We expect many more in the future, especially suitable for the elderly: no stairs, easy access, high-end facilities, and, as shared, proximity to a world-class hospital.

Sanur real estate, post-pandemic, is hot to trot

Anyone looking for a tropical escape will find that paradise in Bali. There is no Asia comparison to a staffed Bali villa with a pool & gardens. People often remark about how fast it takes to relax here. Not surprising, considering the bulk of Bali’s architecture follows the same dreamy temple style mixed with modern and contemporary influences. Provincial Balinese housing still follow tradition, complemented by verdant paddy fields, making the scenery idyllic.

Sanur has always been prime residential real estate; hence most embassies are located here, and quality homes sell fast. Not many high-end short-term rentals are available, so investing in the Sanur property market makes perfect sense.

Please come and talk to us at Bali Realty; we are here to help and guide you through your Sanur real estate purchasing journey, whether you wish to buy a villa, land, apartment or develop estates.