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Hands down, Sanur is the best place to be for families with kids!

Ask any mom or family who lives in Bali, they’ll tell you to stay in Sanur and explore the island from there.

Sanur has the perfect mix of peacefulness and liveliness. It’s easy-going, relaxed, traditional and yet, at the same time, there is plenty of entertainment. Family-oriented beach clubs and resorts, lively markets, bars, restaurants, ice cream salons, spas and colourful shopping streets, Sanur is a fun place where you can meet friendly locals and ex-pat families who came to Sanur to stay. It’s also a popular beach town among retirees.
Sanur was the original tourist destination on the island, long before Seminyak and Canggu became leading. Sanur Beach is the best place on the island to catch the sunrise. The sea is overall calm and there are lots of water sports to try out. Sanur is also the place where you can catch the boat to Nusa Lembongan, a beautiful island everyone wants to visit during their Bali holiday.
Sanur is also getting increasingly popular with younger people that do not want to be too close to the party scene of Seminyak and Canggu. Sanur has developed its own cafe scene and is now offering a selection of co-working spaces, two yoga centres as well as the recent addition of a state of the art gym and fitness club.
The centre of Sanur is not too big at all but also not small. It all happens around 1 street called Danau Tamblingan. Most ex-pats, however, live on the other side of a big road, further away from the beach and touristy areas. Private villas are in high demand in the centre of town near Danau Tamblingan, making them perfect for investments. Buy a villa in Sanur beachside and it’s easily booked all year round simply because there is not so much competition. Very different from Seminyak, Canggu and Ubud where there is an overload of villas.

Why Sanur?

Sanur is located strategically towards Bali’s international airport, Ubud, Seminyak and Nusa Dua. You can get to all of these places in +-30 minutes by car or motorbike. Sanur has plenty of modern beach clubs, restaurants and bakeries but it has not lost its traditional charm. The ambience is laid-back, friendly and calm. Apart from some bars with live music, Sanur is quiet in the evening. Nightlife-seekers better stay in Seminyak or Canggu. Sanur wakes up early with the most stunning sunrise on the beach. Get there early for sunrise yoga or a beach run. Then, chill out at one of the lovely beachfront cafes and enjoy a delicious tropical breakfast. Sanur doesn’t have too much traffic at all. In fact, lots of tourists and locals choose to get around by bicycle. You can rent one and cycle along the coastline in the shade of tall tropical trees. 

Where to start when looking to buy property in Sanur?

It’s very important to find a professional agent who will help you find suitable properties with the right documents and permits. At Bali Realty we can recommend to you the best lawyers and notaries who can carry out due diligence on our behalf, ensuring your best interests are always protected. Local laws, rules and restrictions change all the time, you just can’t do without a trustable agent!