Bali Realty

Bali Realty was established with a very clear goal: to be the most customer-focused and results-driven real estate company in Indonesia. It is not our goal to simply collect a huge database of impersonal listings—we aim to present only the best property to our valuable clients.

As a young, dynamic business always striving to find better ways of doing things, we are eager to serve our customers at the highest level of service. Deeply aware that protecting a good reputation is crucial in the real estate industry, it is also a priority to be flexible and accommodating. Our heterogeneous team, comprised of a mix of Western and Indonesian staff, reflects both our global market needs as well as our dedication to reaching the specific demands of our clients. 

Whilst our company’s primary focus is on residential sales and rentals, we also offer a range of complementary services to handle all your property needs. In addition to our experts who deal with sales and rentals, we also have staff to assist with project marketing and development, architectural plans, investment sales, development feasibility studies, as well as commercial property sales. 

In terms of selling, we put a great deal of effort into researching both our potential customer base as well as the needs of our property owners. We believe that this kind of research makes our properties sell faster and with an unsurpassed personal touch.

As one of Asia fastest growing economies with the fourth largest global population, we see massive real estate potential in Indonesia.  A fledgling democracy with a wealth of both natural and human resources, not to mention fantastic cultural diversity and stunning tourism spots, the archipelago is not only more and more open to foreign investment but is also developing at breakneck speed. To handle this new era of demand, we believe that Bali Realty is ready to set a new benchmark in the Indonesian real estate industry.


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